This shortcut removes profanity from your clear Apple Music playlist

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If you have a great Apple Music playlist for holiday-themed parties, but it includes some tracks that aren’t appropriate for all ages, You don’t have to worry about making your own mix Family friendly now. Forget about laborious making it yourself using the ,Neat” Explicit versions of songs—there’s a Siri Shortcut for that.

this is not functionality is apple Built into their streaming service, although they probably should. Instead, it comes from Reddit user AdTrue6877, Their Siri Shortcut scans all the songs in any Apple Music playlist and creates a new playlist that replaces all explicit songs with their clean versions. it is The fastest way to create family-friendly playlists on Apple Music.

To get started, download create clean playlist sShortcut and run it on your phone. sThe shortcut will automatically show you a pop-up that allows you to Scroll to and choose any of your Apple Music playlists. from there, Shortcut will ask you to name the new playlist and start creating a clean version. This takes some time, so be patient.

That said, you don’t have to keep staring at the progress bar in the Shortcuts app—to open Apple Music and Wiiyou will see the new playlist, sOngs will continue to appear on it One after the other As soon as the shortcut completes its work. When it’s done, Shortcuts will tell you if it couldn’t find clean versions of some songs. anyone still saucy there will be songs Automatically removed from new playlist.

TeaThat shortcut is not correct, so it is worth checking its working afterwards, For example, Green Day has only one track called “Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams, that connects the two they Songs. Clean versions of both songs are available individually, but not in combination. In this case, you’ll need to add those tracks back in individually.

use tthat shortcut, this took me A little less than five minutes to convert a 70-song playlist using a iPhone XS Max. It is possible that your results may vary if Have a different device and a bigger or smaller playlist.

oh and if you want to go the other way and Turn your Clean Radio-friendly playlist into a Clear playlist, try Shortcuts create dirty playlist, It is by the same Reddit user and is operated through with the same logic opposite result.

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