To crack down on fraudsters, ED’s summons will now have QR codes. india news

MUMBAI: ED summons will now have a unique QR code, eliminating the possibility of miscreants creating fake summons and extorting money from gullible victims. The summons has also been issued under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act foreign exchange management act It will have a QR code, said an ED press release.
“Recipients can verify the genuineness and authenticity of the summons received by them by scanning the QR code on the summons. When scanned, the QR code takes them to the ED’s portal, where the details of the summons can be viewed by entering the passcode mentioned in the summons.
The ED has recently busted an interstate gang, which used to prepare fake summons/notices and threaten high profile individuals and businessmen. The gang issued fake summons to the chairman and director of Nippon PaintsHe was directed to appear in Delhi ED office and participate in the proceedings under PMLA.
The company brought the matter to the notice of the ED, who contacted the gang and asked them to come to Delhi for talks. After some hesitation, the gang members relented and a team of ED and Delhi Police arrested them along with the kingpin. Akhilesh Mishra, Others arrested include Darshan Harish Joshimore than mumbai Devendra Dubey who had come posing as an ED officer in a car with Government of India stickers, the release said.

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