UAE entry rule change: Air India says ‘single name people will be considered inadmissible’ for the country

New Delhi: Passengers with a single name will no longer be allowed entry into the UAE, according to an advisory issued by Air India and AI Express based on new guidelines issued by Emirates. The new rule has come into force with immediate effect.
On 21 November, AI and AI Express issued a circular titled “Names appearing on passports for travel to the UAE”.
It added: “As per the National Advance Information Centre, UAE, the following guidelines for travel to the UAE have come into force with immediate effect. Any passport holder with the same name(s) as surname or given name will not be accepted by UAE immigration and the traveler will be treated as INAD.

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INAD, which stands for Unaccompanied Passenger, is an aviation term used for people who are not allowed to enter the country they wish to travel to. INAD passengers have to be taken back to their country by the airline.
The circular gives the example of an INAD passenger: a passenger whose given name is simply Praveen and no surname. Praveen is his surname and not a given name. “Such a passenger shall not be issued a visa and if a visa was issued earlier, he shall be INAD by Immigration,” it says.
Giving examples of who would not be considered INAD, the circular says: Praveen Kumar Given name and no surname; Praveen Kumar as surname and no name and Praveen as given name and Kumar as surname.
The new rule is “applicable only to travelers with travel visa/visa on arrival/employment and temporary visas and does not apply to existing visas”. UAE resident Card holder,” it adds.

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