Use This Interactive Map to Explore 200K Galaxies

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If you’ve ever wanted to travel to a galaxy far, far away, now’s your chance to at least get To be more specific, a peak at around 200,000 galaxies on the map. but it’s just nobody interactive map of the universe: It is the first to display “the period of the entire known universe with near perfect accuracy”, according to a Release from Johns Hopkins University,

University astronomers created the map using data collected over a 20-year period via a telescope in New Mexico. This is the first time this information is available to the general public. Here’s How To Use It Map to explore the universe.

what is on the map of the universe

Interactive map visualizes a piece of the universe, showing almost real position and colors 200,000 galaxies – each of which (including the Milky Way) is represented by a dot on the map, and contains billions of stars and planets.

“In this map, we are a particle at the very bottom, just a pixel. And when I say we, I mean our galaxy, the Milky Way, In which there are billions of stars and planets,” Bryce Maynarda professor at Johns Hopkins, and one of the creators of the map, said in a statement from university, “We’re used to seeing astronomical pictures showing a galaxy here, a galaxy there, or maybe a cluster of galaxies. But what this map shows is a very different scale.

How to use the interactive map

to visit of the project Website To access the interactive map of the universe. You can either start poking around, or click Click “Explore Map” on the lower right corner to navigate. There is also an option to download four different versions of the map in three different sizes.

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