Warzone 2 Players Get A Full Year Of Double XP, But There’s A Big Catch

published, 2022-11-21t01:11:47

Updates, 2022-11-21t01:11:59

A Warzone 2 player was absolutely shocked to discover he had an entire year’s worth of Double XP in his account to redeem, but it turns out there’s a huge glitch.

XP is clearly important when it comes to progress in Warzone 2. This is how you unlock new weapons, equipment and Prestige tiers just by playing the game. Naturally, the more experience you gain throughout the season, the better you will be, hence why double XP codes are so important.

Double XP is scattered throughout the Battle Pass and a range of real-world promotions also provide an extra boost, whether it’s via Burger King or Mountain Dew. However, there’s usually a limit to these valuable boosts. For the most part, an hour of 2x XP gain is just as good, as are other intervals like 45 minutes, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes a piece.

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However one lucky player was shocked to see a ‘1 Year’ double XP token sitting in his rewards tab. Reddit user ‘CranberryCarney’ was confused as to how he obtained this rare, golden token in Warzone 2.

Not that there’s any way to track Double XP token progress in-game or in menus, which means it’s an estimate of how much time you have left on a given boost, with the player claiming a year’s worth of 2XP. The bounty “worked” and it was not a visible bug.

“It works. Just popped it, very confused,” he said. Shortly thereafter another player replied, “Remove this post before they take it away from you.”

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As others answered shortly after, this one year bounty was not a mistake. It turns out, this is an extremely rare item associated with promotions for both Mountain Dew and Doritos in the United States. While normally, the purchase of any item only grants one hour of double XP, each redemption puts players in the running to win something bigger.

Just 13 One Year Double XP Tokens were ever made, and this Reddit user was lucky enough to secure one for himself. However, a very important catch has been outlined in the fine print.

Mountain Dew Warzone BottlesActivision / PepsiCo

Mountain Dew has partnered with COD series over the years.

On the surface, one would think that this “1 year” double XP reward would provide double XP for an entire year in Call of Duty. This isn’t entirely the case though, as this bounty only provides “1 hour of 2XP each day for one year”.

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So, this player and 12 other winners are not actually enjoying endless 2XP for the next 365 days. This is capped at one bonus hour per day, limiting how far they can progress ahead of the pack.

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