Floyd Mayweather Jr boxer knocks out Mikuru Asakura martial artist

Mayweather took out Mikuru Asakura in the second round of the battle

"I resigned from the game, I didn't allow the game to resign me… I won't take discipline to where I can scarcely walk and scarcely talk," Mayweather said Sunday.

"I don't recall what hit," Asakura said after the battle. "I have a tremendous migraine."

Mayweather handled a dreadful right snare to Asakura close to the furthest limit of the subsequent game and the Japanese MMA star went down. 

The battle was a coordinated effort between Mayweather Advancements and Japan’s Rizin Battling Organizations. 

Mayweather hasn’t battled in an expert bout since the exhibition against Conor McGregor in 2017. 

Mayweather kept up with after the Askakura battle he would proceed to do presentations as it were. 

Mayweather’s last display in Japan came in 2019. He took out Tenshin Nasukawa in the main round.