Wendy Williams’ brother pulls her up for ‘partying with 25-year-olds’ and demands ‘what are you doing?’ after rehab

Wendy Williams’ brother Tommy reprimanded his older sister for partying with the 25-year-old and demanded “What are you doing?” after the former TV host left rehab last month.

In an exclusive interview with The US Sun, Tommy, 54, expressed his pain and frustration with Wendy, 58, and said his lack of communication with his family is raising serious questions about what he’s doing after rehab. Picks up

Wendy Williams left rehab in mid-October due to severe alcohol addiction and reportedly hasn't spoken to her family


Wendy Williams left rehab in mid-October due to severe alcohol addiction and reportedly hasn’t spoken to her familycredit: Getty
Tommy Williams accuses his former talk show host/sister of being regressive


Tommy Williams accuses his former talk show host/sister of being regressiveCredit: Thomas Williams

“I don’t believe Wendy is doing as well as she was doing when she was here in Florida,” claims Tommy before weighing in on his New York situation: “I know about the evildoers. I’m lurking.”

The host’s younger brother continued about her lack of communication with her family: “With her absence comes questions and scrutiny: how is she living, what is she doing and what is she up to?”

“I was right there with her during the dark many moons ago, and I constantly think about it — she’s going back in time before she was married. She’s going back,” the 54-year-old said.

“As we grow, we get wiser—we get on with life,” Tommy said before directing his statement again toward his sister: “Make sure you bag yourself. You don’t back What are you going to do, go back and do the things you’ve already done?

Wendy Williams hasn't spoken to son Kevin Jr., 22, since leaving rehab
Wendy 'turns up at friend's house looking for party' after leaving rehab

Tommy said of hanging out at their strip club that summer, “You get some 18 or 25 year olds to hang out with? I saw pictures of her at some club a while back. What’s she doing?” ,

“We got into drugs and alcohol together as kids, flirting like ‘Try it, hey try it’.” I will be a great resource because Wendy and I have gone through some real things in our lives including Wendy’s stardom and the places we have been.

“Honestly, I want to talk to Wendy and talk to her about whatever she’s doing,” said the host’s younger brother. And said: “I am simple and I speak the truth.”

“I hope I have the truth on what she’s going through, maybe she’ll come back, maybe she’ll stick her head out.”

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“And if she does, I want to say to her—let’s work on this thing—let’s stop wasting time,” said the host’s brother.

broken family

A close family friend previously claimed to The US Sun that Wendy, 58, spoke to her son Kevin Jr for the last time before leaving the Malibu rehabilitation facility a month ago.

The insider alleged, “Wendy hasn’t reached out to her son since leaving rehab. They were talking while he was in treatment, but as soon as she got out, communication stopped.”

“Kevin has been through hell this year with everything that’s going on with his mom. It breaks his heart that things were going well when she was in rehab, but as soon as she got her freedom, she didn’t have Arrived. Since.”

The source said: “Kevin is trying to stay focused and finish his final year of school, but it has been challenging dealing with everything going on with his mum.”

As The US Sun previously exclusively reported, Wendy and her son have had a tumultuous relationship over the past year.

A year ago, Kevin Jr. gave his TV star mom some tough love and told her to help, or he’d be out of her life.

A source close to the family claimed at the time: “Wendy’s relationship with Kevin Jnr has been strained. He gave her an ultimatum. He told her he wouldn’t be in her life until she sorted herself out.” .

Florida and family

In early 2022, Wendy’s fans recalled that it was Kevin Jr. who took the reins to help his mother heal in sunny Florida, when she was seen in a wheelchair in New York City in 2021.

Wendy, who was absent for the entirety of last season of The Wendy Williams Show while she battled various medical crises, left New York and spent time with family — including Kevin Jr. — in Florida from January to March before returning home. Spent

Multiple sources told The US Sun that Wendy seemed to be thriving in Florida, surrounded by loved ones.


After returning to New York, Wendy, who previously claimed she was sober, had several public alcohol-related incidents before checking into rehab for severe alcoholism in August.

An insider close to the star claimed of her rehab stay, “Alcohol has been a real struggle for her over the past several years. She’s struggled with serious alcohol abuse along with serious health problems.”

He was reportedly being treated for “excessive alcohol abuse”. It does not contain any other drugs. She has had several doctors who have told her over the years that ‘if you drink, you will die.’ She never really wanted to stop and the people around her in New York have given her permission to drink.”

growing issues

Wendy was absent for the entirety of her final season of The Wendy Williams Show as she battled health issues including Graves’ disease, lymphedema, and substance abuse.

Her longtime production company, DeMar-Mercury, announced that her show was officially canceled earlier this summer, and Wendy’s time slot would go to her former guest host, Sherri Shepherd.

Wendy previously claimed she was starting a podcast, though it’s unclear whether any episodes have been taped yet.

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Meanwhile, the troubled star has no clear income coming in and hasn’t had full control of her bank accounts since January.

Wendy was placed into financial protection in May.

Wendy's brother Tommy said her lack of communication with the family raised suspicions.


Wendy’s brother Tommy said her lack of communication with the family raised suspicions.credit: Tommy Williams
Wendy was spotted at a strip club the summer before entering rehab


Wendy was spotted at a strip club the summer before entering rehabcredit: @dannyducez/Tik Tok

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