What does the biting lips emoji mean?

As Apple releases a series of new emoji, we ask what the sensational biting lip emoji really means.

Apple has released its iOS 15.4 update, and it has a biting lips emoji.

The biting lip emoji has been around for a while — but what does it mean?


The biting lip emoji has been around for a while — but what does it mean?Credits: Not Known, clear with picture desk

What does the biting lips emoji mean?

This alien emoji can have multiple meanings.

The emoji is a mouth with its upper teeth biting down on one side of the lower lip.

It is commonly used in romantic contexts as a form of flirtation or provocation.

It can also mean to express anticipation or excitement as well as anxiety, pain, worry or insecurity.

The biting lips emoji are also available on Google, Twitter, and Emojipedia, and each is designed slightly differently.

How to use the Bitten Lips emoji?

According to The Cut, the bitten lip emoji should only be used to express excitement.

but that’s not all.

You can use the icon to express excitement, nervousness, worry, as well as a moment of worry and uncertainty.

Since iOS 15 was released in September 2021, some 217 new emoji have been added.

According to Emojipedia, 123 new emoji have been added to the catalog in the latest update.

Among them are “10 non-standard handshake emoji combinations” where one of the hands doesn’t have a skin tone modifier.

Palm up hand, palm down hand and index finger are also making gestures.

New emoji include:

  • melting face
  • saluting face
  • hand of heart
  • the beans
  • 10 non-standard handshake emoji combinations
  • cover face and mouth with open eyes
  • peeping eyes face
  • saluting face
  • dotted line face
  • slant face
  • face holding back tears
  • Two gender-neutral person emoji – a person with a crown and a pregnant person
  • a pregnant man
  • fractured biting lip, a troll
  • right hand
  • left hand
  • palm down
  • hands up
  • hand crossed forefinger and thumb
  • index pointing to the viewer
  • hand of heart
  • 25 new handshake combinations
  • Coral
  • Lotus Flower
  • empty nest
  • nest with eggs
  • the beans
  • pouring liquid
  • jar
  • playground slide
  • cycle
  • ring boy
  • Hamsa
  • glass ball
  • low battery
  • crutches
  • x-ray
  • bubble
  • identity card
  • have an equal sign

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