Who took the first selfie? The Out-of-Touch Adult’s Guide to Kid Culture

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Are selfies a postmodern testament to radical self-love, or just an annoying trend? I don’t know, but I do have an idea of ​​who took the first selfie in history, thanks to this week’s viral video. But that’s far from all, I am taking a balanced, holistic approach to young people’s popular culture: Some good stuff, some bad stuff, some stupid stuff, and some downright forgettable stuff.

Kids react to Taylor Swift’s dancing parents

I’m a cynical bastard, but even my icicle heart was melted by this TikTok trend: parents taking videos of their kids dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story (Taylor Version)” asking for, then cutting to the front camera to capture the children’s reactions to their parents dance. These are kids who are too young to be embarrassed or worry about whether it’s cool or not. Or not, it’s just a close-up of little smiling babies whose eyes are full of love, joy and wonder. Sometimes the world provides exactly what you didn’t need, and for me, he is this video, Embator Yours Life By watching as Many as you can do,

Suspected killer of Young Dolph Track released from prison

day before On the anniversary of the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph, one of the men accused of shooting him released a rap song about the case from prison. With vocals recorded over a jailhouse phone, “No Statements” from Justin Johnson (aka Straight Drop) promises he won’t speak about murder, with lyrics like, “No Statements Got to Be Patience, Maybe May it come home before you blink an eye.”

I wouldn’t bet much on it though, Somewhere, Johnson’s lawyers are pulling their hair out for failing to explain that “don’t make A statement” includes not talking about the matter in the YouTube video. when asked about the track Pepperroot WooAn associate of Young Dolph said, “It’s all good when what’s done in the dark comes to light.”

You probably shouldn’t be endorsing using a murder as a way to get clicks on YouTube (there really isn’t much else to recommend Track), But if you need Here’s the link.

“toaster steak” happened

There are so many people using toasters to cook steaks that the London Fire Brigade was forced to issue a warning against the practice. “We’re reminding people to only use electrical products for their intended use. Don’t cook steak in the toaster,” reads a tweet from the fire brigade,

toaster steak hashtags Some people have sliding features rib-eyes in their toasterbut more people are saying “Oh, this is so stupid.“I mean, cooking a steak only requires slapping it on a hot surface for a few minutes, so it doesn’t even make it easier. It just ruins the toaster.” And Steak.

Dancing Like a Koopa and Wearing “I’m Cold” Makeup

Here are some blink-and-you’ll-never-know-they-existed cultural foibles that you can promptly forget:

Viral video of the week: Who took the first selfie?

youtuber Sauce Should be declared a national treasure and protected Case in point is a monumental crisis. his latest video asks, “Who took the first selfie?” An interesting question in itself, but the deep dive of Vsauce’s answer is even more fascinating. Because the first selfie would have been “taken” millions of years ago. Or maybe it was in the 1830s. Perhaps Anastasia Romanov, the daughter of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, invented the selfie before she was executed by the Bolsheviks. Or maybe the selfie didn’t exist until 2002, when the term was first used. It really depends on what you mean by “selfie”. If you watch the video you’ll learn why the selfie should be called a “selfie” and that there is at least one example of a “reverse-selfie”: a picture of every human alive with the exception of the person taking the picture.

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