Woman accuses Asian woman of being racist; Stone thrown at Asian journalist after protest

An Asian TikTok user captured the moment a black woman made a racist slur against him at a gas station in Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

First uploaded on TikTok by a user named Stephanie (@lycheemarteenee), the footage of the incident appears to have been shot, but has since been deleted reposted on reddit,

According to Stephanie, she began recording after the woman made a racist comment at her. When the user accused the woman of being racist, she replied that it is “not against the law”.

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“Go eat your dog with some rice, b*tch” the woman yells over and over again. After this, the Tiktok user approached the vehicle of the woman to collect the license plate of the woman.

The woman also says, “Go back to your country, b*tch,” when Stephanie tells her she will upload the video online.

As she enters her vehicle, the woman says, “Go get some nails or some feet or something, b*tch.” Before she leaves, she rolls down her window and continues to utter more hateful abuse.

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The TikTok user later posted follow-up videos replying to TikTok commenters accusing him of providing a false narrative to give more context to the video and how the incident began.

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According to Stephanie, she had seen the woman being rude to a senior Asian gas station attendant before recording her video.

The woman allegedly threw cash at the counter in an aggressive manner after not receiving immediate attention. Stephanie confronted the woman, who immediately began hurling racial slurs at her.

In response to a commenter who expressed doubt that she didn’t say anything racist against the woman, Stephanie wondered why it was so hard to believe that she didn’t.

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“I should have minded my own business for my own safety,” she says in the clip. “I should have but didn’t. I spoke up, and I don’t regret it.

Seattle-area reporter Jonathan Cho was able to track down the woman who verbally abused Stephanie in order to ask her about the story.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, Cho introduces himself as a reporter, but the woman refuses to speak with him, saying, “I don’t have my side of the story.”

When asked if she regretted making the racist comment, the woman replied, “I don’t. Not at all.”

The video then shows the woman yelling at Cho in her window that she doesn’t need to tell him anything and being escorted off her property.

When he asks her if she can apologize for her remarks, the woman alleges that Stephanie called her the N-word.

As Cho continues to demand proof and more details of his allegations, the woman responds with more profanities. The clip ends with the woman following Cho and throwing a rock at him before walking away and saying, “Eat ed*ck, Asian man. Or rice dog.”

Cho also visited the gas station where the initial brawl took place and spoke with the owner, Tommy Lee, who confirmed Stephanie’s story.

According to The Post Millennial, Lee said, “I think she said what she felt was necessary at the time and I appreciate her standing up for her employee.”

Lee said, “Honestly, my staff and I know how to deal with individuals like that rude lady. And sometimes the best thing to do is ignore their ignorance.” “Because a person like that clearly doesn’t know much better. It’s a waste of time getting mad with people like that. I’ve been through it, trust me.”

Stephanie, who is Taiwanese American, told The Post Millennial that she has no plans to file a police report, and although online users have been harassing her about her version of events, she does not regret her actions.

“It could have been anyone. It could have been a black man at the counter and an Asian man treating them like that,” she said. “I would have said something, because it’s not right. You don’t treat people the way they deserve,”

Featured Image via @lycheemarteenee

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