WoW Dragonflight players see new version of a classic Easter egg on the world map

published, 2022-11-25t01:22:43

Updates, 2022-11-25t01:22:55

WoW Dragonflight players have noticed a strange expansion sneaking into the game with the latest expansion.

Dragonflight brought a lot of changes to the World of Warcraft universe we all know and love, and while there are some big ones that are redefining the game, there are a lot of little overlooked details that made their way have taken.

This goofy detail about the world map may not shake the foundation of the game, but it’s an interesting and deliberate choice that may indicate an old inside joke from previous versions of the game.

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Secret WoW Dragonflight details left players scratching their heads

After the new update, the Azeroth world map is apparently being placed backwards when player characters take it out and examine it.

It took a post on the World of Warcraft subreddit to confirm the change and spotlight it for the community for players to begin formulating their own theories about the situation.

These ideas range from the mindless people of Azeroth to a Tolkien-esque world design so different from our own, where the lands considered to be the East are actually at the top of the map.

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There is precedent for maps being wrong though. For most of the game’s lifetime, this was actually held upside down, and many players think it’s just the art team making a subtle reference to that little quirk.

One player defended the possibility that it is a common trope for characters in the media to turn a map or book upside down for comedic effect, standing in for the cause.

After all, Blizzard has a habit of sneaking all kinds of pop culture references into their beloved games.

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