‘Yellowstone,’ and 9 More Super Popular Shows Coastal Elites Have Never Heard Of

Yellowstone Season 5 Official Trailer | paramount network

not that you haven’t heard yellowstone, Even if you’re one of those kombucha-swilling coastal elite (though you probably only heard about it, like, last month), you almost certainly have no idea just how popular Kevin Costner-Lay is.D series. Somehow, despite being on a basic cable network that I didn’t even know existed, it was the top-ranked scripted series on TV for consecutive years. The premiere of the fifth season was drawn like this 12 million viewers per episode. Although airing simultaneously (at least as of the current season) on CMT, TV Land, and Pop, the show originated on the Paramount Network… which is not to be confused with Paramount+. that streaming service doesn’t have yellowstone, But Is Special Home for the Prequel Spin-Off 1883 with Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and upcoming 1923, starring (impossible) Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. The original series follows the Dutton family of Montana, owners of the largest cattle ranch in the state, dealing with family and political drama—much like a modern Dallasbut with vibes of hbo succession,

Where to watch: New episodes air on basic-cable Paramount Network, with older episodes available for streaming on Peacock and Fubo

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