Yung Gravy updates fans on Sherry Easterling relationship status

published, 2022-11-22t18:20:44

Updates, 2022-11-22t18:20:44

Rapper Yung Gravy has given fans an update on his “relationship” with Addison Rae’s mom, Sherry Easterling, after showing some PDA at the 2022 VMAs.

Yung Gravy found herself involved in Addison Rae’s family drama over the summer when it was revealed that her father, Monty Lopez, was cheating on his wife, Sherry Easterling, with underage women.

Since then, Lopez and Easterling have split, with Sherry seemingly pursuing a romance with American rapper Yung Gravy.

The two flirted back and forth online, which caused some anger from Lopez, who challenged Gravy to a boxing match (which Gravy, of course, declined). Sherry and Gravy connected in person for the VMAs, where they shared a smooch on the red carpet.

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Although they haven’t been seen together since then, sources claim they weren’t actually in a legitimate relationship in an October interview.

Yung Gravy says he and Sherry Easterling are not ‘official’

Now, the rapper has opened up more about his ‘relationship status’ with Sherry, saying it’s a little hard to fully commit to someone when you’re traveling the world making music.

Gravy said about the VMAs in November, in an interview with E! Insider. “But I guess if you bring someone over everyone assumes you’re ‘together’ together. I wanted a date, and we’d flirted online before, and I invited her over.” did.

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“She was a sweetheart. We had a great time. We’re not ‘dating.’ Was on the show. She’s a sweetheart.

This interview follows a statement in October from a source close to Sherry, who claimed that their entire involvement was just a publicity stunt.

“It was very short term and they wanted to talk to people,” the source told E! news. “Sherry was definitely interested in him and loved the attention, but they both knew it wouldn’t turn into anything serious.”

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For now, it doesn’t look like these two are an official couple – and Monty Lopez has apparently been trying to get Sherry back lately, if his latest TikTok upload is anything to go by.

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